UVB Set (Gooseneck Lamp with Dome + UVB Bulb 26 Watt)

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Exotic Nutrition's UVA/UVB Lighting set is a complete lighting package that can be attached to most small animal and bird cages. Goose-neck fixture with built-in on/off switch and compact fluorescent (26 watt) bulb are included. Black dome reflector with reflective silver interior.

Benefits of UVA / UVB Light:

UVB light allows the synthesis of vitamin D3, which helps calcium absorption leading to improved bone health. Particularly helpful for species requiring extra calcium or that have a lack of calcium in the diet. Sugar gliders & Squirrels are inclined to develop health issues stemming from calcium deficiency and UVB lighting is helpful in this matter.

UVA light helps regulate behaviors such as feeding, activity level, metabolism, mood and breeding.


  • Easy clip-on feature for exterior of cage.
  • Compact fluorescent 5.0 / 26 Watt bulb included.
  • Adjustable goose-neck fixture with porcelain socket and on/off switch.
  • Built-in reflector for increased UVB & UVA light.

Instructions: Clip fixture to exterior of cage preferably tword the top of the cage facing down. Simply screw the compact florescent bulb into fixture, turn fixture on. Your lamp will provide beneficial UVA and UVB for a period of 12 months. After 12 months, the lamp should be replaced with a new Exotic Nutrition 26 watt / 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Before you turn your lamp on for the first time, date the base of the bulb to remind yourself when to replace it.

The ideal distance to place your fixture for maximum absorption - during bulb break-in (which is first 40 hours of use) is 18-20 inches and after break-in is 12-14 inches. The lamp should be placed directly overhead of your pet. Bulb has a CRI of 88 and a Kelvin rating of 6800K, the lumens are 900.

Warning: Maximum wattage for this lamp is 250 W. Keep electrical wires on exterior of cage away from reach of your pets.

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Works great and clip and bendy neck help with placement. Couldn't hurt if the neck was longer for next model! Thanks!