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Exotic Nutrition's Water Silo is specially designed for your pet's well-being. Open-faced water dishes get dirty too easily and water bottles risk getting clogged. Dehydration caused from clogged or defective water bottles is one of the leading causes of sugar glider deaths. Water silos prevent that issue, making free flowing water available without the use of a straw of ball-bearing drinking tube. This waterer is designed to fit all cages with vertical and horizontal bars. Ships in assorted of colors.
  • Limits the possibility of debris found in open-faced water dishes
  • Free flowing water available without the need for a straw
  • Fits all cages - vertical & horizontal bars
Measures: Approximately 3 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall
Always provide fresh, clean drinking water in the cage. We recommend providing two or more water sources in the cage at all times. Bottled water is preferred for sugar gliders.
To Fill: Remove the water silo from the base, slip the silo upside-down and fill with water, push the base onto the silo, flip the chamber right-side-up and the water will fill the drinking hole without spilling over. Install the water silo back onto the cage mount near the base.
To Install: Push the mount attachment inbetween wired bars of the cage, up to the second sider ring. You will have to move the attachment while pushing to wedge in it tightly. Make sure to mount the silo in the cage on top of a flat surface (platform) to help suppose the base and where your pet can easily reach it.

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