Wave Bridge

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The NativeCritter Wave Bridge is an all-natural Birchwood climbing accessory and hideaway for small animals such as Dwarf hamsters, Golden hamsters, Degus, Gerbils and other small animals. This hand-made accessory comes fully assembled and is made with 100% pet safe chewable woods, no gaps to catch claws. The textured surface provides easy climbing access. Your furry friend will enjoy climbing and hiding under their own Wave Bridge. Its designed to fit most small animal habitats and provides the perfect accessory for climbing and exploring.
  • A cozy, comfortable space for pet to hide and climb
  • 100% safe - No dangerous materials that could harm your pet
  • Made of all-natural untreated kiln-dried birch woods, built to last
  • Designed to fit most habitats
  • Measures 9 x 4 x 11 inches