Yum Balls! Rodent Munchies

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Exotic Nutrition's NEW Yum Balls! Rodent Munchies are a healthy treat option for squirrels, chinchillas, rats, hamsters and other small rodents. Your pet will love snacking on the crunchy and easy-to-serve balls! These yum balls provide a nutritious way to add protein to the diet, as well as stimulate your pet's natural urge to forage for food.

  • Each package contains four (4) yum balls. Net Weight: 3.25 oz.
  • Vacuum sealed for freshness

Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and pet owners. Treats can lend variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for animals that spend their lives in a small, limited environment. Most importantly, treats form a connection between pets and pet owners, assisting in bonding and training.

Ingredients: dried raisin, carrot dices, sweet potato dices, potato dices, banana pieces, cracked peanuts, sunflower hearts, gelatin

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 22.5% (min), crude fat 24.0% (min), crude fiber 3.0% (max), moisture 10.0% (max)

Feeding Instructions: Offer as a treat 2-3 times per week. Always provide fresh, clean drinking water.

Storage: Store cool and dry.

Customer Reviews

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Special treat

I gave these to my outdoor friend, Francis. She seemed to like them, as she ran up a tree and even to her nest. I'm planning to buy squirrel food next.

Bonnie Rogers

My Chinchillas really enjoy these. -Bonnie R.


I can't figure out if these are just a smaller package of the Yum Balls! Squirrel Munchies or a different formula, but Rikki doesn't seem to like them. I gave them to Lily, my parrot. She seems to like them a bit. Will not buy again. Will keep getting the 10 pack. -Dona M.

Anonymouse :-)

My little rescued day old 'Squirrel' (Rocky), who turned out to be a Rat (Ratatouille), is just being weened off this formula feedings (3-4 times a day) and starting on solid foods. I've taking a YUM Ball, broken it in pieces and placed in his food bowl. He really seems to like the variety. -Sherry F.


My two baby flying squirrels really like them -Patricia S.