Essential Hamster Cage Accessories

Hamsters are curious and active animals that need plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. Here are some essential cage accessories that can help provide a stimulating environment for your furry friend:

  1. Cage: The Exotic Nutrition Sahara Cage is our most recommend cage for pet hamsters, degus, gerbils and other small rodents.
  2. Exercise wheel: Hamsters love to run, and an exercise wheel is a great way to provide them with an outlet for their energy. Look for a solid surface wheel that is at least 8-10 inches in diameter for Syrian hamsters and 6-9 inches for dwarf hamsters. Avoid wire or mesh wheels, as they can cause injury to your pet's feet. The Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Wheel is a popular and high-quality exercise wheel designed specifically for hamsters. It has become a favorite for its durability, smooth and silent operation, and ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort and safety.
  3. Hideout: Hamsters need a place to hide and feel secure. A hideout provides a safe, cozy space where your hamster can retreat when it wants to sleep or relax. Exotic Nutrition offers many types of hideouts, such as the Nap Nook, Sturdy Nest Box, Pet Igloo, Hideaway Hut, or Grassy Teepee.

  4. Hamster in Xpand Tunnel

    Tunnel: Hamsters love to burrow and explore, so a tunnel is a great way to provide them with a fun and stimulating environment. Tunnels can be made of plastic, wood, or cardboard and can be connected to other cage accessories to create a maze-like environment. Check out the Xpand Tunnel, Jungle Tunnel, Grassy Tunnel, or Bad Azz Tunnel

  5. Foragers: Hamsters are natural foragers, and providing them with a foraging toy can help keep them mentally stimulated. Foragers are toys that contain hidden treats or food, and your hamster will have to work to find them. Foragers can be made of plastic, wood, or other materials. Here are several foragers that your hamster is sure to love: Tilt-N-Treat Dispenser, Star Forage Cup, Fruit & Veggie Basket, Doors & Drawers Forager, and Forage Globe.

  6. Climbing accessories: Hamsters love to climb, so providing them with accessories for climbing is a great way to give them some exercise and stimulation. Try a combination of accessories such as the Flex Rope or Natural Rope along with the Sisal Rope Swing or Orbiter Play Gym, and Sisal Rope Ladder or Flex Bridge. The Fleece Vine offers a soft, unique climbing experience. 

  7. Toys: Hamsters love to play, so providing them with a variety of toys is essential. Toys can be made of plastic, wood, or other materials and should be safe for your hamster to chew on. Some popular hamster toys include the Barrel Roller ToyWoven Grass Carrot ChewKnick Knack Rolling ToyBarbell with RingsCarrot Roller Toy, or Willow Barbell.

When selecting hamster cage accessories, it's important to choose items that are safe and appropriate for your hamster's size and breed. Always supervise your hamster when it's interacting with new accessories, and remove any items that are damaged or no longer safe. With the right accessories, your hamster will have a fun and stimulating environment that promotes good health and wellbeing.



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