Eucalyptus Branches & Sticks

Fresh eucalyptus branches and chew sticks are the new hit for healthy treats. The eucalyptus branch is native to Sugar Gliders and they can't get enough, they LOVE them. Not only are they very good for Gliders, but they also act as a bug repellent in the cage. These branches are from the original gum tree, not the kind of eucalyptus you see at Christmas time in flower arrangements. You can also offer these sticks to Parakeets & Conures - they just can't get enough and they keep them busy for hours!

Sugar Gliders have a sweet tooth - their diet consists of flower nectar, acacia gum, eucalyptus sap and insects. One study of a Victorian population showed that individuals spent about 43% of their foraging time feeding on gum, 12% on eucalyptus sap and 28% on searching for invertebrates. Common to the forests of Asia and Australia, Eucalyptus is a staple of Sugar Glider diets. We have harvested fresh eucalyptus branches from the eucalyptus forests of Northern California, and packaged for use in pet Sugar Glider cages.

Place one or more of the Eucalyptus sticks in your Sugar Glider's food dish or stick them between the bars of the cage. Your Sugar Glider will lick and chew the sap from the branches.


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