Feeding Short-Tailed Opossums

Provide your Short Tailed Opossum with fresh water daily in a water bottle. For younger opossums that are not too strong, one without a steel ball works best.

In the wild they eat insects, fruits, and vegetable matter. You can provide them a similar diet by offering mealworms, crickets, pinkie mice, fruits, vegetables, and breads. You can also offer them a high quality food, such as Exotic Nutrition's Opossum Complete diet. Supplement this by offering treats of crickets or mealworms a couple times a week as well as small amounts of fruits and vegetables. Other treats can include such things as super worms, dried insects, canned insects, hard boiled egg, scrambled egg, tuna, canned cat food, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits need to be cut up into small pieces so they can pick them up easily. Some quick and easy fruit options are the small Mott's Applesauce, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, or Tropical Blend fruit cups, or baby foods.


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I just purchased some of your opossum food. I have an adult opossum that visits about every other night. How much should I feed him?

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