Caring for Baby Opossums

Keep Them Warm & Hydrated

The first thing you need to do is make sure babies are warmed up before trying to feed them anything. You can do this by wrapping them in t-shirt material or fleece (don’t use towels because they may get caught on the loops) and putting a heating pad on low underneath one side of their enclosure. You can also use a plastic water bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a cloth, or a sock filled with rice and microwaved. Then, before feeding formula, you need to make sure they’re hydrated. Start by giving them diluted, unflavored Pedialyte for 12-24 hours before attempting to feed them anything else.


After they’ve been properly hydrated, you can begin giving them diluted formula and then slowly move up to regular strength over the next few days so they can adjust to the food. For infants under 40 grams, make the formula with 1 part formula to 5 parts water and slowly work them up to 1 part formula to 2 parts water. For very small babies, use 1 part formula to 10 parts water. 

To make the formula, you will need:

  • Bottled Spring Water
  • Goat’s Milk Esbilac Puppy Formula
  • Calcium Glubionate Syrup
  • Boiled egg yolk or powdered egg yolk
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Unsweetened apple juice
  • Nutrical
  • Lactaid

Mix 1/3 Esbilac formula and 1 cup spring water for regular strength formula. Add 200 mg of Calcium Glubionate Syrup, ½ medium boiled egg yolk (or powdered egg yolk for a smoother formula), 1/2 tsp powdered brewer’s yeast, 2 tsp unsweetened apple juice, 1 tsp of Nutrical, and Lactaid (use the directions on the bottle to mix the right amount for the amount of formula you’re making). Make sure to refrigerate the prepared formula for 12 hours before feeding it so the Lactaid works properly. 

Use the following chart to determine how much and how often to feed your opossum based on their weight:




10 g

.5 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

15 g

.75 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

20 g

1 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

25 g

1.25 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

30 g

1.5 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

35 g

1.75 ml

Every 2-3 hrs

40 g

2 ml

Every 4 hrs

45 g

2.25 ml

Every 4 hrs

50 g

2.5 ml

Every 4 hrs

55 g

2.75 ml

Every 4 hrs

60 g

3 ml

Every 6 hrs

65 g

3.25 ml

Every 6 hrs

70 g

3.5 ml

Every 6 hrs

75 g

4 ml

Every 6 hrs

80 - 85 g

4.25 ml

Every 6 hrs

90 g

4.5 ml

Every 6 hrs

95 g

4.75 ml

Every 6 hrs

100 g

5 ml

Every 6 hrs

Feeding & Elimination

Young babies will not be able to feed themselves, so it’s best to feed them by using a dropper or syringe. Once they are able to lap up food themselves (usually once they’re 40-50 g), you can give them a shallow bowl of formula to encourage self-feeding. They will be messy at this stage, so make sure to do this in an area that can be easily cleaned.  

You will also need to stimulate them to eliminate waste, as they are unable to do this on their own as babies. You can do this either before or after feeding, by using a warm wet cotton ball to gently stroke the genital area towards the tail until urine or feces is produced. Keep doing so until they are completely done. This action simulates the mother’s tongue, and is very important for preventing a ruptured bladder. 


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Ann J Reier_

I have found a baby in my pool this morning, hanging on the filter tubing. Dried him off. He slept for a while. He has teeth and about 5"long w/ o tail. Hoping his/her mom comes tonight


@ Malena! Try to weigh them fist and see the chapter in this post! I have 2 I was giving them; first pedialyte with warm water to hydrate them, the second day I gave them goat milk diluted wit water and now apple sauce

Lily Tucker_

How long does the homemade mixed formula last?


I have three baby opossums there eyes are open and they have back teeth what is the best thing for me to feed them I have goats milk not sure if need to feed them anything else

Ann Vanvleck_

What to feed orphan possum I’ve been feeding baby food to for a week. She has teeth and now eats on own. What can I give to make sure getting enough nutrition

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