Choosing Shipping Method of Live Mealworms

Time the mealworms will spend in transit, is based on the shipping method you select at checkout:

  • Economy Shipping (starting at $9.95)
  • Standard Shipping (starting around $10)
  • Expedited Shipping (starting at $10.95)
  • 2-Day Shipping (usually $18+)
  • Next Day Service (usually $25+)
  • Next Day Service Saturday delivery (usually $40+)

Live mealworms are perishable and are sensitive to high and low temperatures. All orders are shipped from our facility in Newport News, VA. Customers are advised to check weather for the shipping location and delivery location for transit conditions. If temperatures are moderate (35° to 80°), Economy Shipping is fine to use. If temperatures are inclement (below 35° or above 80°), a faster shipping method is highly recommended.  

Mealworms are insured if...

  • Next Day service is selected
  • Cold/heat packs are added
  • And the package is received upon delivery before 10:30 am

See our Live Arrival Guarantee, in which case the mealworms can be replaced if any perish in transit. In our 10 years of experience, we find it to be the very best way to ship you the healthiest worms possible during harsh weather conditions. If any other shipping method is used, the customer assumes responsibility for the arrival condition of the mealworms. Therefore, please understand that choosing a cheaper, slower shipping method may result in your mealworms perishing in transit, and you being at a loss for however much you spent on the order, without refund or replacements. Choosing 2-Day Shipping instead of Next Day Service will usually decrease the chance of survival from 100% to 90%. Choosing Expedited Shipping instead of 2-Day Shipping will usually decrease the chance of survival from 90% to 80%. And so on. These percent estimates increase when temperatures become harsher. It is up to the customer to decide how much risk they are willing to take with transit time if they would like to save money on shipping costs.

To speak to customer support about recommended shipping methods, please call (757) 988-301 during business hours (M-F 8:30 - 4:00 ET)


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