Benefits of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are a great source of protein and calcium for backyard chickens. Because they have both protein and calcium, along with many other nutrients and other added benefits, BSFL are one of the best treats you can offer your hens. 


Protein is necessary for healthy feathers and eggs, and calcium ensures strong, healthy eggshells. Calcium is especially important, because an egg shell is around 95% calcium carbonate. If a chicken doesn’t have enough calcium, their bodies will pull calcium from their bones and beaks in order to strengthen the egg shell. BSFL are an easy way to give your flock an extra source of calcium to ensure they lay healthy eggs.


BSFL are an eco-friendly protein source, because they can be raised on food waste and need much less water than traditional protein sources like soy. Raising your own BSFL is very sustainable since you can use your own compost instead of buying a separate food source. You can also use the waste produced by BSFL as fertilizer.   

Other Benefits

You can offer either live or dried BSFL to your chickens as a treat or mixed in with their regular feed. The high protein content and added calcium make them an especially healthy treat. BSFL don’t smell, and the flies don’t bite or spread disease. They have antimicrobial properties that increases the health of chickens, and they even keep away the common house fly, which further decreases the risk of disease. 


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