Found A Baby Squirrel In Your Backyard?

Title: Found a Baby Squirrel in Your Backyard? Here's What to Do

So, you've stumbled upon a tiny bundle of fur in your backyard – a baby squirrel. Before you leap into action, it's essential to understand the best course of action for ensuring the little one's welfare. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to care for a baby squirrel and what steps to take if you find yourself in this situation.

Determining if it's a Baby Squirrel

First things first, make sure the creature you've found is indeed a baby squirrel. Just because it's tiny doesn't automatically mean it's a baby. If the squirrel has a fluffy tail or a body longer than 6 inches, it might be an adult and perfectly fine on its own. However, if you're certain it's a baby and doesn't have visible wounds, it's time to step in and offer assistance.

Providing Immediate Care

The primary goal is to keep the baby squirrel warm and, if possible, reunite it with its mother. If you notice a fallen nest nearby or other squirrels in the vicinity, there's a chance the mother squirrel is nearby. However, if the mother doesn't appear within 30 minutes or if it's nighttime, it's best to bring the baby squirrel inside for its safety.

Creating a Temporary Nest

Using a small plastic container (lid off) and a soft fleece blanket, fashion a makeshift nest box for the baby squirrel. Avoid using cardboard boxes as they can dehydrate the baby and towels that can catch on its nails. Keep the baby warm by using uncooked dry rice or beans in a sock warmed in the microwave or a warm water bottle placed in a soft sock.

Transitioning to Long-Term Care

If the mother doesn't retrieve the baby squirrel, it's time to consider it a rescue. Move the baby into a more stable home, such as a Nest Box filled with soft bedding. Ensure a stable heat source with a no-auto-shutoff heating pad placed underneath one side of the box for temperature control.


Feeding and Hydration

Before feeding, ensure the baby squirrel is warm. Hydrate the baby first with a homemade rehydration fluid made of sugar and warm water. Once rehydrated, feed the baby with specialty milk replacer using a Squirrel Nursing Set. Follow a feeding schedule appropriate for the squirrel's age, providing formula every few hours.

Transitioning to Solid Foods

As the squirrel grows, introduce solid foods like Deluxe Squirrel Diet pellets and healthy vegetables. Gradually introduce nuts, fruits, and treats only after the squirrel is eating its healthy foods well. Use products like Premium Nut Mix and Veggie Blend Treats for variety and nutrition.

FAQs and Further Care Tips

Refer to frequently asked questions for additional guidance on dehydration, feeding techniques, age determination, habitat setup, grooming, and health concerns like diarrhea and bloating. Proper care ensures the squirrel's well-being and prepares it for potential release into the wild or permanent captivity.

Exotic Nutrition Products for Squirrel Care

For optimal care and nutrition, consider using products specially designed for squirrel care from Exotic Nutrition:


These products are formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of baby squirrels and ensure their healthy growth and development.


Finding a baby squirrel in your backyard can be a heartwarming experience, but it also comes with responsibilities. By following proper care protocols, providing nourishment, warmth, and hydration, you can give the baby squirrel the best chance at survival and eventual thriving. With dedication and the right resources, you can make a positive difference in the life of a young squirrel.


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