Handling Skunks

Skunks have a mixture of personalities and behave much like a cat when first introduced. Like a dog, they require much handling and maintenance.

The more you gently handle and fondle your baby skunk, the more docile it will be when it grows up. The more you hold and talk to a baby skunk, the more love will come your way from this skunk as it grows. More homes have been cleaned, meals prepared, and football games watched with a baby skunk snuggled inside a tucked-in T-shirt than you could ever imagine. Being this close to you, the baby skunk will learn that it is great to be part of your family as you protect it and calm it down, feeling warm and wonderful all over that you are its new Mom or Dad!

To play with a baby pet skunk, it is possible to get on one's hands and knees, and playfully tap the floor with the fingers of one hand, while moving the hand toward the skunk. They quickly get the idea, and will respond with a sort of cat-like rearing up and coming down on their front feet. However, as they make their move, they will be looking you straight in the eyes, while aiming, with tail raised high, their potent "weapon" directly at your eyes simultaneously. (They do the same in the wild when threatened.)

It is better to avoid playing rough with baby skunks, or they may become aggressive as they get older. Bare hands can be used for loving and cuddling the skunk, but a stuffed toy or hand puppet should be used when playing with them due to their sharp teeth and extremely long fangs.

Spanking or hitting a skunk is not recommended, since it will cause him to become vengeful. Discipline should be in the tone and volume of voice. A squirt from a spray bottle may be helpful.


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