Housing Your Sugar Gliders with Other Pets

Keeping sugar gliders in the same house or even the same room with other pets is possible but should only be done with careful consideration and precautions. Remember, some gliders will stress just by smelling the other pet on you. Gliders in a constant state of stress are not happy. This type of stress can lead to sickness and even self-mutilation. Sugar Gliders need to feel secure in their homes and their environment is an integral part of this safety. 

Sugar gliders should be perfectly safe in a room with other caged animals such as hamsters, hedgehogs, and chinchillas— but if you plan to interact with your gliders outside of their cage (which you should regularly) then you would need to make sure it is done in a safe way where your gliders cannot get into a nearby pet cage. Although the animals won't necessarily hurt each other, they can still spread illness.

Sugar gliders naturally prey on small birds in the wild, so housing your gliders near a bird cage could be overstimulating for the gliders or stressful for the birds. 

When keeping sugar gliders in the same house as larger animals that are uncaged (cats and dogs)— it's best to keep gliders in a separate room behind closed doors. Many cats and dogs have a natural hunting instinct and may try to attach your pet sugar glider. Also, cat saliva contains lots of bacteria to the point where is can be toxic for sugar gliders. Therefore, it’s always important to keep cats away from your sugar gliders as well as their cage and accessories. If you have a pet with a history of aggression towards other animals, or one that is prone to getting into your room that is dedicated to your sugar gliders, then it may not be wise to bring sugar gliders into your home at all.



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