Live Mealworm FAQs

The mealworms seem smaller this week. Why?

The size varies weekly due to many factors. All of our mealworms are shipped fresh, never left over from one week to the next or packed days in advance. Some factors affecting size include weather, season, and amount ordered. The mealworms are always graded by size and should be of consistent size for the batch, not necessarily the same size weekly.

How are Mighty Mealys different from Superworms?

Mighty Mealys are mealworms. They are the exact same species as our other mealworms, only bigger. Superworms are the larvae of another species of beetle. They are not mealworms. Our insects are not worms at all. They are all the larvae stage of an insect. Crickets are the only exception, as they are the adult stage.

How do I store mealworms for a long period?

Read our article Keeping Mealworms Alive. Mealworms are technically the larvae of darkling beetles (species Tenebrio molitor). To keep the insects in this stage of the life cycle (mealworm-form) for feeding to pets, you need to store them in low temperatures of a refrigerator to cease their metamorphosis. This will cause them to go into a dormant state and be usable for feeding for 6-10 weeks. Take out of refrigerator and let them warm to room temperature once per week. Feed one carrot for 12 hours. You can use lettuce, apples or any other vegetable, but we feed carrots at Exotic Nutrition. Remove the carrot, and place back in refrigerator. Repeat this process every two to three weeks.

My package was left in the sun all day (or in the mailbox, or in the snow, etc), and when I came home they were all dead. Will you send a replacement?

Unfortunately we will not replace them. We require that someone be at home to receive the package. These are live animals that have to be cared for properly. We can ship to your work address, a friend, relative, etc. if no one will be home. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for prompt receipt of the package.

When are Internet orders shipped?

Internet orders are normally shipped next day. Exceptions to this may be experienced depending upon demand. We will process current customers first.


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