Maintaining Your Hedgehog's Social, Physical, & Mental Health

Your relationship with your hedgehog should be co-dependable. As a pet owner, you should feel loved and needed as you care for your charming companion. In return, your pet should thrive off of the care and attention you give to it. While you form a bond with your hedgehog, it will learn to trust you and form a unique relationship with you.

Frequent, gentle handling is a great way to maintain this relationship and keep your hedgehog tame and social. Hand-feeding your pet, with treats like live mealworms, is a good way to bond and gain trust. While these animals are friendly with humans, they usually do not get along well with other hedgehogs, and housing them together (no matter the gender) is not recommended unless you're trying to breed.

Physical exercise is an important factor in a hedgehog's life, helping to keep them healthy and happy. In the wild, these animals are used to exploring throughout the night and foraging for food. In captivity, these activities can be replicated by providing an extra area, like a small (empty) children's pool, for them to roam. If you're going to let your hedgehog wander outside, make sure to keep a close eye on it because they are avid explorers and can scurry away surprisingly fast. An exercise wheel is a great addition to this pet's cage to provide nighttime entertainment and help prevent obesity. Exercise balls are less recommended because these animals tend to get bored or feel stressed when confined for long periods of time.

Mental stimulation is an important factor of caring for your hedgehog and should be part of their daily routine. Toys are a great way to supplement the environment of your hedgehog and provide enrichment for their active senses. Pieces that can be explored, like tunnels, tubes, and hideaways, seem to be most entertaining for them. Small, round toys that they can push around are also engaging and fun! Try hiding some treats to promote your Hedgehog's natural foraging instincts.


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