Pet Photography Partnership

Are you a passionate photographer or videographer with a flair for capturing the beauty of unique pets? If you own a pet Hamster, Sugar Glider, Hedgehog, Chinchilla, Degu, Squirrel, Prairie Dog, Rat, Chicken, Guinea Pig or Rabbit then we have an exciting opportunity for you!

Exotic Nutrition's Pet Photography Partnership is a chance for you to receive complimentary Exotic Nutrition products by simply sharing high-quality photos or videos of your pets using these products.

How does it work? Once you express interest, we will inform you about the specific products we plan to send, ensuring that you are comfortable with both the product and its suitability for your beloved pet.

What kind of images are we looking for? We want to see your pets in action, enjoying the products we provide. Whether it's your furry friend playing, touching, or reaching towards the item, we encourage you to capture these moments. You can take the photos inside the cage or outside, as long as the background and foreground are clear and have a solid neutral color.

Rest assured, we value your creative work. Before we proceed, we kindly request you to sign a short and simple agreement giving us permission to use your photos. Your artistic talent will not go unnoticed as these images will primarily enhance our product listings on the website. Additionally, they may be featured on our social media platforms, in print or digital marketing, and other relevant avenues.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, please send some examples of your work via email to our Marketing Manager, Jessica, at

    • Ratio of photo is 1:1 (a square)
    • Foreground and background is clear, neutral color, solid surface
    • Entire product and entire animal are in the photo, nothing cut off
    • No miscellaneous accessories or other items in the photo
    • Product is being displayed and used, with the pet either playing with it / touching it / reaching towards it
    • Angle is straight-on (not from above), and product / pet are centered
    • Photo is not shadowy, dark, or blurry at all

    These are all great examples of photos we've received from other partners:

    Got Questions? Contact Us with any inquiries.


    Exotic Nutrition is proud to serve hundreds of universities, zoological parks, veterinarians, research centers and other institutions seeking to advance the health and well-being of exotics worldwide. See a full list of institutions using our products here.

    Exotic Nutrition has a heart for animals in need. Through regular donations to rescues, rehabilitators, and special fundraiser events, Exotic Nutrition is making a significant impact in the lives of animals. See a full list of our charitable donations here


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