Product Update — Mansion Cage

If you purchased the Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage before April 23rd, 2021 your cage will not be compatible with the newer models being sold after that date.

If you currently have a 2-Level Mansion (bottom unit) and are interested in purchasing the Mansion Add On expansion (top unit) to fit, please reach out to us immediately to pre-order. If you place a pre-order with us before Friday April 23rd, 2021 we will ensure you receive the Add On expansion unit to fit your existing cage(s) by Summer 2021. If you do not pre-order the Add On unit at this time, you will not be able to expand your existing 2-Level Mansion Cage in the future

All Mansion cages sold after April 23rd will be the new model, which will not be compatible with the older models purchased before that date.

Please call (757) 988-0301 or Contact Us to place your preorder or with any questions and concerns.