Where To Find A Pet Chinchilla

There are many options for finding an exotic pet and we’d be happy to provide some information to help start your search. 

We encourage everyone to first look into adoption. Search the internet (Google, Facebook, Craigslist) for someone looking to rehome their exotic pet. You’ll likely be adopting an older pet rather than a baby, but you will have the benefit of rescuing an animal in need and providing them a safe and loving home environment. 

Another option is to check with locally owned pet stores in your area. The big-box stores (Petco, Petsmart, etc.) usually don’t carry exotic pets but a smaller locally-owned pet store might! Again, search the internet to find an exotic pet store near you. If there are no exotic pet stores in your immediate area, there may be one in a larger city nearby. Call the store directly to check on the availability of exotic pets. Even if they don’t have some in-store for immediate purchase, they may have helpful contacts or be able to find one for you.

If you can’t find a pet within the local area, a final option would be to outsource. The contacts listed below are reputable exotic pet breeders with the highest standards of care. Most provide routes for pick-up or can ship exotic pets directly to you.

Janda Exotics

Kingsbury, TX

(210) 241-1856

KyTy Critters

Kansas City, KS

(816) 344-8557

NJ Exotics

Lodi, NJ

(973) 396-8897


*Please note that these recommendations came from other exotic pet owners / customers. Exotic Nutrition does not sponsor or endorse the contacts listed above.

If you are able to find an exotic pet, please come back and visit our website for your cage, food and accessory needs.