Pet Type
Brisbane Cage
$199.95 $171.99
Exotic Nutrition's Brisbane Cage is manufactured with quality materials and experienced workmanship by the world-renowned HQ Cage Company. This cage is constructed of sturdy wrought-iron, making it one of the most durable small animal cages on the market. This cage has a hammer-tone powder coat finish that protects against rust...
Borneo Cage (Version II)
$399.95 $365.99
The NEW & UPDATED Borneo Cage (Version II) from Exotic Nutrition is crafted with the highest quality materials and outstanding workmanship, featuring 38 ft cubic space, removable wired floor grates over the catch trays, four locking side access doors, and full-length front doors with stainless steel locks. Pull-out catch trays...
Peak Roof Cage
$279.95 $222.99
The Peak Roof cage is manufactured by professionals from the HQ cage company with quality materials and experienced workmanship. It is designed with safety in mind and durability to last the lifetime of your pet. Assembly is quick and easy, view our helpful cage assembly video below or on our...
Zanzibar Cage
$129.95 $104.99
Discover comfort and security with Exotic Nutrition's Zanzibar Cage! This sturdy cage boasts a chew-proof metal shelf and ramp, plus a 6.5" deep tubby base for all that bedding that's sure to stay in the cage. And there's lots of room for accessories too! Crafted with a durable plastic base and...
Hedgehog Home & Starter Pack
$139.95 $112.99
Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Home & Starter Package comes with the essentials you need to care for your new pet hedgehog - cage, food, vitamins, treats, sleeping hut, exercise wheel and cage attachment for the wheel. This package set is a $165 value! Free Shipping for retail customers!
• - Large...
Starter Package for Gliders & Brisbane Cage
$269.95 $209.99
The Exotic Nutrition Brisbane Cage is manufactured with quality materials and experienced workmanship by the world-renowned HQ Cage Company. It is made out of wrought-iron, making it one of the most heavy-duty cages on the market with a beautiful hammertone powder coat finish that protects against rust for countless years....
Colossal Castle Hamster Cage Set
$125.95 $115.99
This is an immaculate home for any pampered hamster. The tight wire spacing and rounded corner design leaves no pinch points. The extra large home has a 6 1/4’’ deep tubby base and features a sturdy 18’’ long and 12 3/8’’ wide platform with twist knob closure and a 14...
ZooPro Pet Travel Cage
$139.95 $103.99
Exotic Nutrition’s ZooPro Pet Travel Cage is the ideal carrier or temporary home for a variety of small mammals and birds. This cage is suitable for short term housing, traveling or emergency situations. This cage measures 19 1⁄2” Long x 15” Wide, 19’’ High with 1⁄2” wire spacing and weighs...
Ramp Cover
$7.95 $6.95
This soft fleece Ramp Cover slides over cage ramps and ladders to help pets with sensitive feet. Attached to wired ramps with velcro strip (inside) for more durability.
• Approximate Size: 16" x 6.5"
• Machine washable, air dry
• Compatible with Exotic Nutrition's Mansion Cages.
Mansion Cage Add-On
$189.95 $154.99
This add-on cage is only compatible with the Mansion Cages purchased in May 2021 or later. Free Cage Cover with purchase - add the cage and cover to your cart to apply. 
This is a stackable unit to be used with the 2-Level or 4-Level Mansion small animal cage. Constructed...
Corner Shelves
$44.99 $29.99
Exotic Nutrition Corner Shelves are heavy-duty metal platforms that attach to your pet's cage as a perch or climbing platform. These shelves are designed with powder-coated steel material making them super durable, chew-proof, and easy to wipe clean. The shelves have an opened-corner design measuring 5.5" wide, making it easy...
Replacement Tray
$39.95 $44.95
Need a new or extra tray for your cage? We have replacement trays for your needs!
Casablanca Cage
$149.95 $126.99
Comfort, safety, and convenient cleaning with Exotic Nutrition's Casablanca Cage. Comes complete with two shelf platforms and ladders to help your pet reach new heights! Chew-proof metal shelves and ladders ensure this cage will last the lifetime of your pet. Your pet will feel right at home with the 6.5"...
Standard Cage Locks
$8.95 $7.95
Is your pet an escape artist? Here is the solution. Heavy Duty Cage Locks are a high quality, easy to clip, locking device that will ensure your cage stays closed and secure.
• The lobster clasp design overlaps from both sides to prevent any gaps in the closure.
• The...
Come-A-Long Carrier Small
$16.95 $15.95
The Come-A-Long Pet Carrier provides easy transport for many types of small pets. Its durable construction helps ensure pet's safetly, comfort, and security, and its rugged handle is comfortable and strong for secure support. *FINAL SALE- THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT ELLIGIBLE FOR RETURN.
• Size: Width 10.5" x Length 11"...
Wire Metal Shelf
$14.95 $12.95
Exotic Nutrition's Wire Shelf satisfies your pet's need to perch, jump & climb. Elevated surfaces help small pets feel safe while providing more surface area of floor space. It satisfies an animals natural instincts to be above ground level for eating or sleeping. Our wired shelves are quality made products...