Pet Type
Borneo Cage (Version I)
$353.99 $313.99
Exotic Nutrition's Borneo Cage is the ultimate home for your pet. Large size with room to spare and proper bar spacing. Beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials for your pet(s) to live comfortably. Designed with two full-length front doors that provide access to the entire cage, heavy-duty caster wheels...
ZuPreem Marmoset Diet 14.5 oz. Can
$3.95 $3.79
ZuPreem Marmoset Diet Canned is formulated to be a nutritionally complete diet when a source of Vitamin C is provided. Designed to be fed as the primary diet for marmosets and tamarins, this remarkable diet was developed many years ago when it was discovered that some New World primates could...
$10.39 $8.25
Exotic Nutrition developed Gummivore-Fare as an easy to feed, acacia gum supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Tamarins, and other gum-feeding mammals (gumivores). • Pure acacia gum (in jell form) is 100% all-natural, has no preservatives, and is ready to feed.
• Gummivore-Fare is a supplemental food, and should not...
Premium Insectivore Diet
$18.29 $14.95
Exotic Nutrition's Premium Insectivore Diet is a high quality CHICKEN-BASED protein diet suitable for all kinds of insectivores. Includes animal-based protein (chicken) along with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that provide balanced nutrition to a wide variety of insectivores.
• These are easy to feed sticks, 3/4 inch long x 1/8...
Monkey Biscuits
$10.49 $7.69
Exotic Nutrition's Monkey Biscuits can be fed to New World & Old-World primates as part of a complete diet. Monkey Biscuits are a complete life-cycle diet for all Old-World primates. This high-energy formula is made to deliver constant nutrition, with stabilized vitamin C, vitamin D, and protein needed by Old...
Nectar Pods
$7.95 $5.39
Exotic Nutrition's Nectar Pods are a fruit-based jelly treat available in five different flavors. Offering your pet a delicious treat has never been easier! Perfect for bonding and to help keep your pet hydrated! The exotic fruit flavors & added calcium make Nectar Pods the ideal treat for birds, fruit-eating...
Cozy Cube
$32.95 $32.99
The Hangouts Cozy Cube is made with super soft, DOUBLE LAYERED polar fleece material that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Includes a stuffed pillow on the interior. Hangs from side or top of any cage with heavy duty clips (included). Hand-sewn with pet-safe hidden seams...
3-Tier Tower
$24.95 $29.95
Exotic Nutrition's 3-Tier Tower from the Hangouts collection is made with double-layered polar fleece material with pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging*. Provide the comfiest and coziest nest pouch for your pet! Ideal for sugar gliders, squirrels, marmosets, and other nesting animals.
• Three levels of tiers for play...
Sisal Swing
$9.95 $8.29
Exotic Nutrition's Sisal Rope Swing is the perfect accessory for your pets exercise and fun! Watch your pet grab, climb, and play on this fun swinging circle.
• Features durable sisal rope for extended use.
• Easily clips to the top of any wired cage (hardware included).
Measurements: Approximately...
Forage Globe
$12.39 $8.69
Exotic Nutrition's Forage Globe with Bell is a 2-in-1 toy, hide treats inside the clear ball and hear the ring of the bell during feeding.
• Tough polycarbonate ball is made to withstand grabbing, climbing, and clawing from animals.
• Foraging ball unscrews and separates to be filled with food...
Pom Pom Jumper
$16.95 $13.95
The Exotic Nutrition Pom Pom Jumper! Offer your pet endless opportunities for playful fun within their cage. The 20-Inch-long stretchy nylon rope (stretches to 30 inches) is connected to a 5-Inch diameter fleece ball. This pet-safe toy provides lots of exercise while keeping your pet engaged and mentally stimulated. Connect...
Congo Cage
$261.95 $241.99
Back to the Jungle! Provide your pet with an ideal place to climb and play in the Exotic Nutrition Congo Cage. Designed and Manufactured for Exotic Nutrition by the HQ Cage Company with the highest-quality materials. The Congo cage provides over 20.5 cubic feet of interior space with removable shelves...
Natural Rope
$10.95 $10.29
Exotic Nutrition's Natural Rope offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged with its wire core, allowing you to bend the rope into different shapes.
• Primarily comprised of jute material and animal-safe hardware.
• Connects...
Cross Rope
$9.95 $7.95
Exotic Nutrition's Cross Rope offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged.
• Primarily comprised of cotton rope and animal-safe hardware and colored with animal-safe food coloring.
• Connects easily to wire cage bars with plastic...
Flex Rope
$5.95 $4.49
Exotic Nutrition's Flex Rope offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged, connect the rope side-to-side, vertical, or any which way! Its wire core allows you to bend the rope into different shapes. • Comprised of cotton...
Orbiter Play Gym
$18.95 $16.95
Exotic Nutrition's Orbiter Play Gym provides fun play for Sugar gliders, Flying Squirrels, Degus, Birds and other small animals.
Measurements: Approximately: 6 inches across
All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical...