Pet Type
Acorn Nibbler
$5.99 $4.69
The NativeCritter Acorn Nibbler is a hanging toy made with natural materials and colorful, non-toxic dyes. Hang it in any level of the enclosure to offer an exciting distraction and breaker of boredom.
Ideal for: Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Parrots, Conures, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Chinchillas, Degus, Squirrels, Prairie Dogs, Rats and...
Dandelion Root
$7.99 $5.95
Our NatvieCritter Dandelion Root is a premium, nutrient-rich chew treat for small animals. Carefully harvested from managed meadows and dried, it is formulated with dandelion and nettle roots to help promote dental health. Its natural fiber, phytonutrients, and minerals make it paw-fect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and more. Low...
Sunflower Stalk Slices
$6.39 $4.89
NativeCritter Sunflower Stalk Slices provide a natural way to keep your pet happy and healthy. These slices make a great addition to their environment and encourage natural behaviors like chewing and playing. 100% natural sunflower stalks help promote mental and physical enrichment, and make for a great bonding experience.
Signature Chews
$14.95 $10.95
NativeCritter Signature Chews are made from natural materials: hand-woven seaweed, rattan, and corn husks – with no glue, plastic, or chemicals. They satisfy your pet's instinct to chew while promoting clean and healthy teeth. They are are designed to interest and release tension, helping small animals to relieve boredom.
Natural Fun Balls 6 Pack
$18.95 $13.99
This NativeCritter Natural Fun Balls 6 Pack is specially designed to meet the instinctual needs of small pets. With a wide assortment of items that promote mental and physical enrichment, these balls are made with natural materials for safe play. Enjoy the fun and stimulation these balls provide for your...
Corner Ledge
$21.95 $15.95
Our NativeCritter Corner Ledge is crafted from natural wood and nontoxic materials, making it durable and easy to clean. Designed to fit small animals, the ledge includes mounting hardware to secure it to your pet's cage. With its cozy space, your pet can explore, play, and rest, providing essential mental...
Garden Dig Box
$18.95 $14.49
NativeCritter Garden Dig Box is an exciting way to make your pet's habitat come to life! Its garden-themed design provides a fun place to hide food and treats and is crafted with only safe and natural materials. This dig box is perfect for multiple pet households and encourages exploring and...
Rattle Rollers
$6.89 $5.99
NativeCritter Rattle Rollers are specially designed to meet your pet's biological needs - the natural paper and food-safe colors engage your pet's natural curiosity, and the noise-making component encourages play and chewing. Replace traditional, hardwood-based chews with the variety of textures provided by Rattle Rollers to keep your pet engaged...
Maize Corn
$6.79 $5.99
This NativeCritter Maize Corn is made with natural sun-dried corn leaf material and USDA-approved food colors. It promotes stimulating play for increased exercise and activity, helping to enhance your pet's life. 100% safe to chew, this corn is a great way to support your pet's health and well-being.
Ideal for...
Forage Pouch
$8.79 $6.49
The Forage Pouch from NativeCritter helps mental and physical enrichment of your pet. Crafted with safe and natural materials, it's perfect for bonding with your pet and giving them a stimulating environment. It supports instinctual playing and chewing behaviors, plus provides variety for a more enriched life.
Ideal for Hamsters, Rabbits,...
Loco Ball
$4.95 $3.89
NativeCritter Loco Ball is designed to keep your pet entertained with its fun and playful design. It is made of a variety of natural fibers and food-safe colors, perfect for tossing and rolling. Loco Ball supports your pet's instinctual playing and chewing behaviors to prevent boredom and provide your pet...
Plum Tree Sticks
$3.99 $2.99
NativeCritter Plum Tree Sticks are made with high quality, untreated apple sticks to promote instinctual playful behaviors of small pets. This bundle can be easily dismantled and offered as individual pieces to nurture your small animal's natural chewing behavior. For added enrichment, pair with Enriched Life chews and engagement items...
Celebration Cupcake
$7.95 $4.99
Celebrate special occasions with your pet with the NativeCritter Celebration Cupcake! Made with natural materials, it encourages healthy chewing and play behaviors, supports teeth health, and can be paired with other Timothy-based chews for added texture. Make sure to offer a variety of Enriched Life chews and engagement items to...
Pineapple Chew
$5.29 $4.49
Give your pet a fun and interesting way to exercise their natural chewing instinct with NativeCritter Pineapple Chew. This pack of chews is crafted with safe and natural materials and provides plenty of novelty and enrichment to your pet's daily routine.
Ideal for Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Parrots, Conures, Parakeets,...
Crinkle Barrel With Apple Sticks
$3.95 $3.39
Our NativeCritter Crinkle Barrel With Apple Sticks features an innovative design to meet the instinctual needs of small pets. This product encourages mental and physical enrichment, providing an assortment of items for fun and stimulating play. Our Crinkle Barrel is crafted from safe, natural materials.
Ideal for Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea pigs,...
Cauliflower Surprise
$6.95 $5.99
Provide your small pet with mental and physical enrichment with NativeCritter's Cauliflower Surprise. Our unique design satisfies key instinctual needs and supports your pet's natural chewing and playing behaviors. Made with safe, natural materials, it encourages a stimulating and fun playtime. Enrich your pet's life every day with this wide...