Fleece Tray Liner

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With Exotic Nutrition Fleece Tray Liners, you can easily maintain a tidy habitat for your beloved pet. These liners are reusable, washable and leak proof. They swiftly absorb moisture, streamlining the cleaning process. Available in two sizes: square (for Borneo, Madagascar or Peak Roof Cage) or rectangle (for Brisbane, Congo, or Mansion Cages). These liners are suitable for most small mammal species*.

  • Easily maintain a tidy habitat
  • Reusable, washable and leak proof
  • Available in two sizes: square or rectangle
  • Suitable for most small mammal species.

*This product is made with fleece and is not considered to be chew proof, specifically for rodents. Regularly inspect for hazards. Continual use and pet chewing may cause the product to become worn over time. To avoid injury to your pet, discard and replace when you see signs of excessive wear.

Rectangle 30¾ x 20⅝"

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Heather W
Glad I bought this for my gliders

I was hesitant to purchase this because, after seeing how my fur babies (I have three sugar gliders) tear into the puppy pee pads, I didn't want this to be a quick casualty.
That being said, I have used the fleece tray liner for a couple of weeks now, and I am happy I got this (I bought two so I can wash one and replace it with the other).
Despite being slightly smaller than the tray (width), the fleece liner has proven to be a reliable solution. It features grippers on the bottom to prevent sliding, effectively controls odors, and is soft to the touch. It even manages to hold the water that drips from the water bottle.
To clean, all I have done (this only removes some of what is stuck, not all) is fold it up, put it over the trashcan, and shake it a few times. I also have a mini broom/dustpan, so I use the broom if needed. When I'm done, I just put it back in the cage, and that's it. Simple. When it's time to wash, I get off as much as I can, throw it in the washer with one of their most used hammocks where they sleep, and put it on the delicate cycle, no detergent or softener, just the water. I put it in the dryer on medium heat for 40 mins and walla.
With the pee-pads, I changed them twice a week and then usually on Sundays; with this liner, I have washed/swapped once since getting them. (I used the same liner for 2.5 weeks without the horrible "dirty cage" smell).

Heather, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Fleece Tray Liner. We are happy to hear that it has been a reliable solution for your three sugar gliders and that you are pleased with its grippers, odor control, and softness. It is also great to hear that it is easy to clean, and the washing instructions you provided are very helpful.