Pet Comfort Guide for July 4th

What Does July 4th Have to Do with My Pet?

Many small animals are sensitive to loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. They need to be treated with special care around loud noises. If your pet exhibits signs of anxiety when exposed to loud noises, there are several precautions you can take to ease their fears....

Take Cages Inside / Away From Windows

If you have a hutch or cage outside, move it to a quiet room inside, or at least into a garage or shed. If you can’t move it inside, turning it so it faces a wall or fence instead of into the yard will provide some extra protection from the noise. If you're able to move a cage inside, move it to the interior of the house, away from the windows.

Cover Cages with Cage Covers & Blankets

Whether your animal’s home is inside or outside, one of the easiest ways to provide comfort is by covering their cage to muffle loud noises. Exotic Nutrition carries cage covers specially made for our Brisbane, Madagascar, and Congo cages, or you can use thick blankets to block out the bright flashes and loud bangs. Just make sure there is still enough ventilation, and consider keeping one area uncovered so your pet doesn’t feel trapped. 

Cover Windows & Provide Ambient Noise

If your pet is inside, make sure all windows are closed to muffle the sound, and draw curtains or apply blackout coverings as an extra measure against the flashing of fireworks or lightning. You can also turn on the TV or play music/white noise to help mask the noise from outside, but make sure it isn’t too loud as it could cause the same noise-related anxiety you are trying to prevent. 

Provide Extra Comfort

You can give your pet extra bedding to burrow into so it feels safe, and staying close by while the noise is occurring can provide extra comfort. If you have two or more animals that usually live in the same habitat, they can add comfort to one another by maintaining a comfortable presence. 


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