The Diverse Colors of Sugar Gliders

From vibrant shades to exquisite markings, sugar gliders truly captivate us with their unique and mesmerizing colors. So, let's take a closer look at some of the different colors you might encounter when encountering these marsupials.

Classic Grey:
The classic grey sugar gliders are the most common variety found in the wild. Their fur is predominantly grey, often with a hint of brown, giving them an overall neutral and charming appearance. While they may seem plain at first glance, their subtle beauty truly shines when observed closely.

classic grey

ALBINO - Albino sugar gliders possess a breathtakingly ethereal and snow-white coat that sets them apart from other color variations. Their striking pinkish-red eyes add to their unique charm. Due to their lack of pigmentation, albino gliders require extra care to protect their sensitive skin from harmful sunlight.



CREAMINO - Creamino sugar gliders showcase a delightful blend of creamy white and pale yellow, reminiscent of the soft glow of a warm sunrise. With their unique and delicate coloring, these gliders provide a touch of serenity and enchantment to any collection. They are truly a sight to behold!



LEUCISTIC - Leucitic sugar gliders appear white, but they retain their dark eyes, distinguishing them from the albinos. Their fur may have a slight creamy undertone, and while they lack the bright white hue of the albino variety, their uniqueness is undeniable.



BLACK BEAUTY - Black beauty sugar gliders feature a striking jet-black coat, which makes them stand out in any collection. Their fur may have a glossy sheen under certain lighting conditions, giving them an almost enchanting aura. The dark coat serves as both a stunning visual contrast and a reminder of how diverse nature can be.

black beauty

 PLATINUM - White/light gray body with light to medium gray markings where a wild type is black/brown, black eyes


Mosaic - Mosaic sugar gliders are characterized by unique patches of contrasting colors, making them an absolute delight to behold. These colorful combinations can range from various shades of grey, black, and cream, forming intricate patterns that are as unique as fingerprints.

cedar red

From the ubiquitous standard greys to the elusive platinum and mosaic patterns, sugar gliders showcase an amazing spectrum of colors that captivates the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Each color variation possesses its own allure, telling a fascinating story behind the genetic makeup of these charming marsupials. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the standard grey or the eye-catching exoticism of the albino, creamino, and mosaic varieties, there's no denying the beauty that sugar gliders bring into our lives.

Remember, when it comes to appreciating the diverse colors found in sugar gliders, it's important to respect and care for these wonderful creatures, ensuring their well-being is always a top priority. Stay tuned for more enriching content about these fascinating animals!


 Other Varieties Not Pictured

  • Mahogany Red Albino - newest variation of Mahogany Red, light colored eyes, Mahogany Red coloration
  • Mahogany Red White Face - Mahogany Red coloration, but have White Face as well.  White Face (like the White Face Blonde) has mostly a white face, without a bar under their ears that is seen in most normals.
  • Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white or another color.  
  • Creamino Mosaic - a sugar glider that is showing off two color types at once.
  • Mahogany Red Mosaics - Mahogany Red Coloration, as well as being a Mosaic.
  • Other varieties include Piebald, Marbled, Reverse Stripe, Ringtail and White, True Platinum Mosaic, Creme~ino Mosaic, as well as Mahogany Red Mosaic.
  • Piebald Mosaics - variation of Mosaic in which there is a distinct pattern somewhere in the fur.  Some have spots, or beauty marks, while others have symmetrical markings.
  • Reverse Stripe Mosaic - any variety of Mosaic with a white line throughout the entire stripe in the back, or a partial stripe.  Normally the stripe is a darker color on any glider, but in this case there is white.
  • Ringtail Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white, along with rings on the tail.  Some rings are quite large, while others are more defined.
  • Ruby Leu - have a white coat like the Leucistic, with the red colored eyes of the Creme~ino.   
  • True Platinum Mosaics - displaying 2 color traits. coloration can range from the light colored Silverbelles, to Red Platinum as well as Dark Platinum.
  • White Face Blondes - similar to the Classic Gray, but without the bar under the ear. Fur is more light and silvery all over the body.
  • White Mosaic - has very little coloration on their body other than white. May have a few dark markings or even just a few very light gray markings, but not pure white like a Leucistic.   Some even have little gray or black dots on their ears that breeders call “Cow Ears”.


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