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Who We Are & What We Do:

Exotic Nutrition™ is a manufacturer of high quality diets and accessories focused on exotic pets such as Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Degus and more. It is our mission to deliver the best possible products and services at an affordable price. We have over 25 years of experience in pet product manufacturing and distribution, and have over 500 products available for not only exotics, but also other small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Why Offer Exotic Nutrition Products?
Simple – Separate your business from the crowd. Offer unique products that will keep your clientele returning back to your store. With market research and product development, we work hard to make sure our products are the best in the industry. This past year, we introduced over 60 new Exotic Nutrition products...customers always like something new and exciting.

Our Diets:
Our diets have been developed with the help of experts to offer the highest quality in exotic animal nutrition. They were developed as species-specific formulas and used by breeders, zoos, universities and institutions around the globe (see here). Most of the ingredients are sourced locally from Virginia and Maryland farms. We maintain maximum quality control on premises and use independent analytical labs for off-site testing. We produce and package our diets from our 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Eastern Virginia, and ship fast and fresh direct to your retail store. Everything we produce is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What Other Products Do We Offer?
Besides our species-specific Diets, we also manufacture high quality Treats, Dried Insects, Vitamins, Supplements, Exercise Wheels, Toys, Exotic Pet Cages, Travel Carriers, Dishes and Water Bottles, Shelves and Platforms, and Cage Accessories such as Fleece Sleep Pouches, Ropes, Branches, Ladders, Huts and more. An electronic version on our catalog is available here.

Is There A Minimum Order Amount?
We offer a very reasonable minimum order amount of $250. We are continually working to expand our product line, making it easier than ever for our customers to meet this minimum.

How Do I Get Started?
Give us a call at 757-988-0301 and we'll create a wholesale account on your behalf (please have your Federal Tax IDs ready for submission), then we'll forward you the login credentials for you to start shopping. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can fill out our Wholesale Application online. Find items using the product name or SKU in the search bar, or just by browsing through the categories (website will show MSRP until you log-in to your wholesale account). Not sure what to order? View our Top Selling products here. Order history and shipping information is saved for simple reordering. We ship direct to your store using FedEx ground service, and offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $475+.

Not Tech Savvy?
No worries – we also accept orders via phone (757-988-0301) or email (sales@exoticnutition.com).

*Website will show MSRP until you log-in to your wholesale account. To request example wholesale pricing contact us here, email sales@exoticnutrition.com, or give us a call at 757-988-0301.


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Exotic Nutrition is proud to serve hundreds of universities, zoological parks, veterinarians, research centers and other institutions seeking to advance the health and well-being of exotics worldwide. See a full list of institutions using our products here.

Exotic Nutrition has a heart for animals in need. Through regular donations to rescues, rehabilitators, and special fundraiser events, Exotic Nutrition is making a significant impact in the lives of animals. See a full list of our charitable donations here

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