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Exotic Nutrition specializes in exotic pet supplies for a variety of animals including sugar gliders, squirrels, hedgehogs, chinchillas, prairie dogs, hamsters, degus, opossums, skunks, chickens, wild birds and more.
As an affiliate, you can partner with us to promote our products with a unique referral link and earn 5% commission for each order whenever a new customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Use this link to: Register to be an Exotic Nutrition Affiliate.

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Exotic Nutrition is proud to serve hundreds of universities, zoological parks, veterinarians, research centers and other institutions seeking to advance the health and well-being of exotics worldwide. See a full list of institutions using our products here.

Exotic Nutrition has a heart for animals in need. Through regular donations to rescues, rehabilitators, and special fundraiser events, Exotic Nutrition is making a significant impact in the lives of animals. See a full list of our charitable donations here



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